Malibu Lumber Yard


In 2007, the city of Malibu reached out to Richard Weintraub when it needed someone who could tastefully transform an old lumber yard into an amenity for Malibu residents to enjoy for years to come. WREG conceptualized and co-developed the property.

This vibrant and eco-friendly retail center exemplifies the individually tailored approach that WREG applies to all of its projects. Created in close consultation with the community, Malibu Lumber Yard retains the unique charm of its former incarnation while offering a one-of-a-kind blend of local and world-class retail stores.

Richard Weintraub was also instrumental in the acquisition of and fundraising for the Malibu Legacy Park project adjacent to the Malibu Lumber Yard. Legacy Park addresses critical issues, including bacteria reduction in storm water treatment, restoration/development of riparian habitats, and the development of an open space area for passive recreation and environmental education.

Created with funding from the city, grants, and $2.5 million in private contributions from the Malibu community, the $35 million project transformed 15 acres in the heart of Malibu into a central park that is one of the most ambitious and innovative storm water and urban runoff projects in California. 


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